Are You Ready To Talk About Change?

You are what you think. Those thoughts are made out of the conversations you have with yourself,  about yourself, and  whether you believe you are good enough. The quality of the words that you use on yourself determines self-worth and affects the positivity of your thoughts.  Don’t  be  held back by the language of limiting beliefs.  

Disrupt The Dialogue Of Limiting Beliefs

How you respond to the world you live in is influenced by how you talk to yourself.  Discover how you can overcome self-doubt and  take  control of those conversations.  Learn to  recognise and challenge negative self-beliefs  that no longer serve you. Take back your power  from self-depreciating thoughts  to build a positive vision and successful growth  mindset.                        Change your language, change your mind. 

Choose to tell yourself a different story.     

Let Me Help You With The Quality Of Your Thoughts

  Align your thoughts with actionable change and deal with issues that are important to you. Choose change  to….

  • Face challenges with a positive mindset
  • Show up  up as your best self in all aspects of your life
  • Improve performance  and increase productivity
  • Be  more confident and purpose driven
  • Build resilience in a challenging and changing  environment

Powerful and evidence-based, coaching fosters self-awareness through an exploration of thoughts, emotions and actions to help you get to the point of clarity and focus.

Questioning negative self-perceptions and challenging limiting beliefs, the process uncovers your blind spots and replaces it with building blocks of positive and sustainable change.

Benefits of Coaching

Need Support?

Join me in a different conversation where we will question your inner critic, challenge your limiting beliefs, recognise your self-worth and gain greater clarity on the issues that are important to you. 

Welcome To Your Next Chapter: Transition from a Successful Career To A Meaningful Retirement.

Here’s an invitation to reimagine retirement. To see retirement not as an end-of-line destination; but as  the start of a new and exciting on-going journey. It’s not what you are retiring from, but about what you are retiring to. It’s not just about being financially prepared, but also being mentally, emotionally, socially and purpose-driven ready for a new chapter in your life. 

Let me help you unlock your potential for personal growth and fulfilment, to live your best post-career life, with renewed passion and purpose.  

About Me

An ICF credentialed (PCC) Executive/ Personal Development/ Mindset coach, I hold an accreditation in non-financial retirement coaching from the Retirement Coaches Association.  My expertise lies in supporting individuals navigate through different life stages, including start-up solopreneurs, young executives, mid-career professionals and C-level executives, and those transitioning into retirement.  

I integrate the practices of Transformative Coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Social Emotional Intelligence, Positive Psychology and Mindfulness in my coaching,  with a touch of intuition and insight drawn from my personal observations and experiences in life. 

I too have had my  fair share  of sadness, disappointment self-doubt and disillusionment. Amongst the many  stripes that I’ve earned over the years, are also a collection of scars that have taught me that What Breaks You also Makes You and that is isn’t always about how well you do in the moment, but what you are prepared to bring to and from the overall experience. 

Jennifer Dunbar (PCC)

International Coaching Federation and Retirement Coaches Association accredited Coach. Mentor, Workshop Facilitator and Speaker.

How I Coach

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